Linux/Unix 里面的 RC 文件的 RC 是什么意思?

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Linux/Unix 下面很多的配置文件都包含rc这个词,比如:.bashrc.vimrc,但一直不知道它们代表什么意思。

我一般喜欢靠记住单词的意思来识记各种命令、参数等。偏偏rc一直以来不清不楚,大概以为是Resource ConfigurationRuntime Configuration之类的。


  • RunCom

    [Unix: from runcom files on the CTSS system 1962-63, via the startup script /etc/rc] Script file containing startup instructions for an application program (or an entire operating system), usually a text file containing commands of the sort that might have been invoked manually once the system was running but are to be executed automatically each time the system starts up.

    linux - What does "rc" mean in dot files - Stack Overflow

  • Run Commands

    In the context of Unix-like systems, the term rc stands for the phrase "run commands". It is used for any file that contains startup information for a command. It is believed to have originated somewhere in 1965 from a runcom facility from the MIT Compatible Time-Sharing System (CTSS).

    Run commands - Wikipedia

  • 还有可以是以下一些来源及意思:

    • run commands
    • resource control
    • run control
    • runtime configuration

    linux - What does "rc" mean in dot files - Stack Overflow